Industrial Hygiene Sampling Manual

Individual Chapters and Complete Manual


We, the Nevada Mining Association, are pleased to bring you this Nevada Mining Association's Industrial Hygiene Sampling Manual. Our intention for this manual is to serve as an aid to individuals who are just starting in industrial hygiene. For example, if an equipment operator or millwright is now charged with doing dust sampling, the dust sampling chapter can serve as an aid in performing the sampling.

The manual was created through the work of several different mining companies working through the Nevada Mining Association. The Nevada Mining Association extends its sincere appreciation to those individuals who contributed to the production of the manual.

Shane Owen, CSP, CMSP
Chairman, Nevada Mining Association - Industrial Hygiene Subcommittee

Kelly Hess, CMSP, Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.
Steve Lambert, CMSP, Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.
Mark Langston, Marigold
Shane Owen, CSP, CMSP, Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.
Diane Shelly, Cortez Gold
Jim Vath, Robinson Mining

Complete Industrial Hygiene Sampling Manual

Individual Chapters:

Industrial Hygiene Sampling Manual Cover
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Definitions
Chapter 3 - Pump Calibration Procedure
Chapter 4 - Respirable Dust Sampling Procedures
Chapter 5 - Noise Exposure Sampling Procedures
Chapter 6 - Diesel Particulate Matter
Chapter 7 - Airborne Lead & Arsenic Sampling Procedures
Chapter 8 - Mercury Sampling Procedures
Chapter 9 - Airborne Silver Sampling Procedures
Chapter 10 - Thermal Stress
Chapter 11 - Metal Fumes Sampling Procedure
Chapter 12 - Industrial Ventilation


Field Sampling Worksheet



Supplemental Documents


Noise Sampling Worksheets:

Noise Notification Worksheet
Noise Data Spreadsheet


Particulates Sampling Worksheets:

Metals Worksheet
Welding Fumes Worksheet
Respirable Dust Worksheet
Diesel Particulate Matter Worksheet