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Education Committee

The education committee of the Nevada Mining Association is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the modern mining industry by K-12 educators and students. The committee is actively involved in the development of mineral education resources and programs and works year-round to share these resources and programs with the general public, other mining organizations, and the state’s school districts. The committee’s primary activitites are semi-annual workshops for K-12 teachers throughout the state. You can learn more by visiting the committee's Web site at

Environmental Committee

The environmental committee reviews environmental legislation and regulations and recommends a course of action to the association. The committee also evaluates permitting procedures, reclamation requirements, and any other environment-oriented activities or actions that affect Nevada’s mining operations.

Exploration Committee

The exploration committee demonstrates the importance of exploration, the mining industry’s research and development sector, to legislators, regulators, and community leaders as well as the public at large. The committee monitors and addresses issues and opportunities related to and affecting exploration activities in Nevada.

Government Affairs Committee

The government affairs committee closely monitors policy issues primarily at the state level. Committee members work closely with Nevada’s legislature, especially during legislative sessions. A sub-group of the government affairs Committee is the PAC, an advisory committee composed of members whose companies have contributed to the Nevada Mining Association Political Action Committee. This group makes recommendations for political contributions.

Human Resource Committee

The Human Resource Committee examines labor related issues within the industry and proposed laws and regulations pertaining to wages and hours, workers compensation, benefits and occupational disease.

Safety & Health Committee

The safety & health committee reviews safety related issues affecting Nevada’s mining industry, and it makes recommendations on actions and responses as necessary. The committee manages a comprehensive annual safety awards program.

Public Outreach Committee

The public outreach committee is committed to strengthening the image of the Nevada mining industry. The committee focuses on media relations, community involve

Suppliers Committee

The suppliers committee provides members that supply goods and services to the mining industry opportunities to learn about mine development. Through networking activities and presentation forums, committee members explore business development opportunities. The committee actively supports outreach activities, government affairs programs, sponsorships of the annual convention and serves as the primary supporter of the membership directory.

Taxation Committee

The taxation committee reviews and analyzes proposed tax policies that could impact Nevada’s mining industry in the state. Its members work with state regulators to interpret existing tax policies in an effort to ensure compliance.

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