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Who We Are

Nevada has a long history as a leading mineral producing state. Since the gold and silver rush in the 1850s, which inspired Nevada's statehood in 1864, to the present, Nevada has been a hotbed for mineral and metal mining. Much has changed during the past 150 years, however, one constant has remained; mining continues to be an important part of the state's economy – especially in mining communities and counties. While a relatively small industry – ranked 9th in state gross domestic product – mining's importance to Nevada's economic and social infrastructure can't be underestimated as the industry continues to produce the necessary minerals on which our society depends.

Nevada is one of the special geologic places on the globe where wide arrays of minerals are prevalent, such as gold, silver, copper, barite, molybdenum, clay, silica, lithium, and many more. Even geothermal heat is abundant in the state and mined for energy.

Producing these important minerals requires a significant workforce. More than 11,000 people are directly employed by the Nevada mining industry. This number may not seem significant in urban Las Vegas or Reno, but these jobs exist predominantly in rural Nevada and are vital to the well-being of those communities. While unemployment statewide nears historic levels, it is significantly lower in mining communities. Plus, those employed in mining are paid some of the highest salaries in the state, averaging almost $92,000.

While the economic impacts might be clear, there are still misunderstandings about mining in Nevada that can cloud policy and regulatory matters, not to mention public perception. The Nevada Mining Association has existed for more than 100 years-first established in 1912 as the Nevada Mine Operators Association and changed to the Nevada Mining Association in 1952. From debating policy matters in the state legislature and local governments to uniting the voice of the industry in public relations and leading the industry's efforts in the community, the work of the Nevada Mining Association can be seen in all corners of the state and in all levels of the communities.

The Nevada mining industry is spread out over one of the largest, most sparse states in the union; it is an industry with unique needs and encompasses a diverse and wide ranging array of different professions. The Nevada Mining Association is able to extract the common needs of its many disparate member companies and speak with one voice for the gold miners in Elko, the geothermal well drillers in the rural valleys, the parts distributors in Las Vegas, the geological engineers in Reno and the 60,000 other Nevadans who rely everyday on this vital industry.

By producing many of the minerals on which our society depends, mining continues to be integral to Nevada. The industry strives to be a good steward to the environment, and is committed to being a good corporate citizen of the state, while employing a well-paid workforce and contributing to the communities in which it operates.

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