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President's Letter

Tim CrowleyThe Silver State was founded on mining and, 150 years later, the industry remains critical to Nevada’s future. We all experience the effects of mining on a daily basis – from the products we use, such as cell phones, pencils, computers and toothpaste, to the significant economic support the industry provides in the form of jobs and taxes. However, for many Nevadans, mining is still a mystery and what little is known of the industry is mostly antiquated and outdated.

As mining continues to play an integral role in the social and economic development of Nevada, it is important that all Nevadans have a greater understanding of the industry and its benefits, impacts, issues, contributions and commitments. Nevada is a worldwide leader in mining and mining practices and the industry brings billions of dollars in investment to the state. However, much of this is unknown outside of the rural mining communities.

We have created this web site to provide you with the latest Nevada mining news and the most up-to-date information on the industry. Throughout the site, we will highlight some of the lesser known, more unique aspects of the industry and provide an interactive reference source for the state’s founding industry.

We hope you will find this site useful and be sure to check back often as we work to provide you with the latest information on Nevada’s mining industry.


Dana Bennett, President
Nevada Mining Association

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